The More the Manyer


Collection of (Funny) Filipino Clichés and their Correct Translations

1. Clap yourselves! (Clap your hands)

2. This will gonna be fun! (This is going to be fun)

3. Behind the clouds are other clouds. (Behind every cloud is a silver lining.)

4. Time wounds all heels. (Time heals all wounds.)

5. Birds of the same feathers flocks forever. (Birds of the same feather flock together.)

6. Begars can’t be losers. (Beggars can’t be choosers.)

7. Dumb if you do, dumb if you don’t! (Damn if you do, and damn if you don’t!)

8. I told you not to, and you again! (I told you not to, and you still did it!)

9. Don’t you there! (Don’t you go there!/Don’t you dare!)

10. Some sort of like that. (It’s sort of like that.)

11. Make yourself a house. (Make yourself at home.)

12. Do you sure? (Are you sure?)

13. Have you eaten yourselves? (Have you eaten?)

14. I’m fed up already. (I’m full.)

15. Don’t worry you. It’s on ours. (Not to worry. It’s on us.)

16. Wait a monument. (Wait a moment.)

17. Boys and girls, arrange yourselves twos by twos according to tall! (Boys and girls, arrange yourselves by twos according to height!)

18. Thanks to meet you. (Glad to meet you.)

19. The verb! (The nerve!)

20. Persona ingrata! (Persona nongrata!)

21. At’s if! (As if!)

22. It was a shock in the face! (It was like a slap in the face!)

23. Everything is falling into pieces. (Everything is falling into place.)

24. Let’s peace and make up. (Let’s kiss and make up.)

25. Love is a many splendor. (Love is a many-splendored things.)

26. I second emotion! (I second the motion!)

27. Don’t make fond of me! (Don’t make fun of me!)

28. Tears started rolling in my eyes. (Tears welled up in my eyes.)

29. And without further adieu. (And without further ado.)

30. Rest and peace. (Rest in peace.)



Just for laughs. No offense. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE being a Filipino. This is one of the reasons why. We can all just laugh it off. 

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